What to read tonight…

Contemporary Fiction

This Charming Man - Ajax Bell Bad Reputation - Ajax Bell Just like Honey by Ajax Bell The Sky High Road - Moses Howard The Grrrl of Limberlost - Annie Pearson Artemis in the Desert - Annie Pearson Nine Volt Heart - Annie Pearson The Pirate King

Historical Fiction

 Nzinga, African Warrior Queen - Moses Howard Bone-mend and Salt Trebuchets in the Garden Crux Lunata Song of Valeros The Blue Door Wheel and Serpent - E.A. Stewart Traitor - E.A. Stewart Hero - E.A. Stewart

Voices in History

We Were Walimu Once and Young - Goddard, ed. Journey into Gold Country - Ralph Buckingham A Teacher in East Africa - Moses Howard A Boy from Wannaska - Marjorie Mortensen A Girl from Sellwood - Marjorie Mortensen

Opera and Poetry

Opera en Espanol Collection - Enrique Prado The Book of Esther - Emily Warn Absence Wild - Jerah Chadwick