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Dr. Moses L. HowardMOSES LEON HOWARD is an American writer and educator who has been writing for children and adults for fifty years. A retired dean of a community college, biology teacher, assistant high school principal, and counselor/mentor for students at risk, he lives in Tacoma, Washington.
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Nzinga, African Warrior Queen - Moses HowardNzinga – African Warrior Queen
Sent to make a treaty, Nzinga of Angola is swept into world history, a generation after Elizabeth I ruled England. For forty years, Queen Nzinga fights to destroy imperial colonists who seek to enslave her people. Nzinga, in history and legend, is a brilliant leader during a time of violent upheaval.

Luminous storytelling in this fictional biography brings to life the Angolan culture in a flourishing African kingdom, now lost.
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The Sky High Road - Moses HowardThe Sky High Road
A footballer faces crushing odds—against the Lord’s Liberation Army!
How to keep hope kindled for a brighter future?

The Sky High Road is a coming-of-age story for readers in grades 7–12, young adults, and all readers interested in the coming-of-age challenges for educated adolescents in 21st century African villages.
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The Sensitive Giraffe - Moses L. HowardThe Sensitive Giraffe
Muriel the giraffe is sensitive. Her neck is too long. Her color is too odd. Her mother tells Muriel that she’s special. But the zebras and others at the watering hole make fun of Muriel. Then one day, Muriel learns that she is indeed special.

The Sensitive Giraffe was a finalist in the Pacific Northwest Writers Association 2014 Literary Contest Competition.
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A Teacher in East Africa - Moses HowardA Teacher in East Africa (nonfiction)
Learning from the first free students in Uganda in the 1960s:
Dr. Moses Howard describes his experiences as an African-American lecturer from Mississippi who came to spend ten years as a teacher in Uganda, beginning first as a Fulbright scholar in 1961.
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Dr. Howard also has essays from this time included in
We Were Walimu Once and Young.

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