Ajax Bell: Queen City Boys Series

Ajax Bell, AuthorA Seattle native, Ajax Bell says the best things in life are loud music and bourbon. No matter what the task, Ajax always has the right pair of shoes. Never a sea captain, but a background in library sciences and a lifetime of pencil pushing together left Ajax with a rich fantasy life and a compulsive need to write it down. Sign up for the author’s newsletter…

The Queen City Boys books are a linked novel sequence that needs not be read in any particular order. Spanning four decades in Seattle, Queen City Boys tells the explicit adventures of an eclectic group of gay friends as they find their way through the ends and beginnings of their most important relationships. Learn more at https://flickerjax.com/

This Charming Man - Ajax BellThis Charming Man

Will Seattle make a man of him yet?
On a night out in Seattle’s gay club scene, a chance encounter with an intriguing older man inspires Steven Frazier with visions of a more rewarding life. But must Steven sacrifice friendship—and forsake an unrequited love—to follow his dreams? Both reflective and intensely sexy, this story captures the drama of coming into one’s own as an adult and creates a vibrant snapshot of Seattle in the early 1990s.
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Bad Reputation - Ajax BellBad Reputation

Does Seattle give a damn about his past reputation?
After being caught in a backseat tryst with the mayor’s son, twenty-one-year-old Shane Fontaine is exiled from his small hometown. Now, alone in the city, he seeks solace in punk show mosh pits and bathhouse saunas. Shane’s quest for human connection sends him down dark, dangerous streets.
This close-up portrait of pre-AIDS Seattle illuminates dark corners, where homeless kids cluster for safety near the revitalized Pike Place Market. Bad Reputation contrasts the deeply personal need for friendship with the universal dilemma: people aren’t always what they seem. Learn more…