Annie Pearson: Rain City Incidents

Annie Pearson, Author
Annie Pearson lives in Seattle, where she works as a project manager, writer, and developmental editor, currently focusing on work as fiction author and managing editor at Jugum Press. Learn more at…

Annie Pearson’s Rain City Incidents series explores misadventures in contemporary Seattle among people whose work drives their hearts’ desires, often in conflict with possible love affairs.  In these hybrid romance/mystery/thriller stories, talented but normal people struggle to connect the pieces that build meaningful lives, hoping to survive the wretched comedy of romance under grey skies. Sign up for the author’s newsletter…

The Grrrl of Limberlost - Annie PearsonThe Grrrl of Limberlost
They say you can’t go home again — not when chaos reigns.
A murder in a Seattle coffee house. A murder on a decaying boat dock. Samsara Byron, the post-punk security expert, insists this has nothing to do with her. She’s busy fending off an attack on the world’s cyber infrastructure—if only she could get a cell signal.
This soft-boiled thriller longs for romance, if anyone can find time. The story contains the language you’d expect from gangsters, porn farmers, and retro Riot Grrrls.
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Artemis in the Desert - Annie Pearson Artemis in the Desert
A second-chance at love, Jane Austen style, on motorcycles.
Eliot Arden, a Seattle artisan, takes a short-term job that drags her back a decade, riding her rebuilt BMW R100RS down the road not taken. Sean Wentworth, the manga artist, has the career of his dreams.
On this new Journey to the West, dreams and desires might heat up like red slick-rock in the sun. Or is that only a brush fire sparked by a 900cc bike sliding sideways down a backcountry highway?
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Nine Volt Heart - Annie Pearson Nine Volt Heart
Can you find true love without a non-disclosure agreement after your picture is on the cover of Rolling Stone?
He said, “I love you.”
She said, “You don’t even know the real me.”
He said, “Great title for a song. Key of G? Can we try close harmony?”
Nine Volt Heart sparks an electric ride through the backstreets of Seattle, where tourists never go—and where both karma and sunshine can be so unpredictable in April.
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The Pirate King - Annie PearsonThe Pirate King
World’s best cybersecurity sleuth – or postpunk math dweeb?
Samsara Ada Byron is being stalked and harassed by black-hat hackers and by her old nemesis, the White Knights of the New Russian Revolution. When threats spill off the dark alleys of the Internet, the only safe place for Sam seems to be inside the private enclaves of Seattle’s software elite.
The Pirate King skates off the wall and into the gritty gravel of Seattle backstreets and dirt-bike wilderness. Stay up late with Sam for soft-boiled cyberthriller suspense, cyber-capers in the rain, and insights from vengeful baristas.
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