About the Opera en Español Series

What’s in each book in the Opera en Español series?

Each title in the series includes the following components:

  • Preface:
    An introduction by the translator, Dr. Eduardo Enrique Prado Alcalá.
  • Sinopsis:
    A brief retelling of the opera’s story.
  • Reparto:
    The opera’s list of characters.
  • Libreto:
    A translation of the full libretto, including stage directions, side-by-side with the original.
  • Biografia:
    A brief biography of the composer.

How easy is it to read the libretto?

In Print: The print edition uses clear, easy-to-read type, with significant whitespace for readers’ notes. Each separate element of dialog or lyrics is numbered for easy reference in discussions.
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On Kindle: The ebook version shows the original and translation in sequence.
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Is the translation in Castilian Spanish?
Is it a machine translation?

Each title provides a clear, human translation created by Dr. E. Enrique Prado A., who currently lives in Mazatlán, Mexico. The text is spell-checked using “EN-MX” language settings, and can be clearly understood by readers across all Spanish dialects.

Is the translation suitable for singing?

The goal for the translations in the Opera en Español series is to help the opera listener understand the text of the story in detail, verse by verse. The dialog and lyrics are translated word-by-word and phrase-by-phrase. The translation does not attempt to recreate the rhythm and rhyme of the original libretto on a syllable-by-syllable basis.

Who is the audience for the Opera en Español series?

This series is intended for opera aficionados and music students of all ages. This series can also help Spanish-speaking listeners who are new to opera to understand the opera’s story and lyrics.

Are the world’s top ten favorite operas included in the series?

Yes. For example, the most frequently performed operas in 2012-2013 are included in the series.

La Traviata
La Bohème
Die Zauberflöte
Madama Butterfly
Il Barbiere di Siviglia
Le Nozze di Figaro
Don Giovanni

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