E.A. Stewart: Historical Fiction

E.A. Stewart, AuthorE.A. (Annie) Stewart is an American writer whose Accidental Heretics series and new Legends of Valerós series explore intrigues in France and Spain in the 13th century.

Ms. Stewart lives and writes in Seattle.
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 Legends of Valerós
When the Languedoc world falls into total chaos…

In times of madness, some strive for power and others run for shelter. A few do whatever it takes to save the innocent. Legends of Valerós is a new adventure series set amid the chaos of the crusade against the Cathar heresy in southern Europe in the 13th century.
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Traitor - Legends of Valeros Book 2 Hero - Legends of Valeros

Accidental Heretics Series
How do you rise up at the dawn of the Inquisition?
When two cultures clash violently, how can you stop your enemies from turning the weapons of an unjust war on your family and villages?
Accidental Heretics launches a panoramic historical adventure in 1210 in southern Europe.
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Bone-mend and Salt Trebuchets in the Garden Crux Lunata Song of Valeros  The Blue Door The Mad Woman of La Catalane