Bone-mend and Salt – E.A. Stewart

How to fight when enemies turn an unjust war against you?
Accidental Heretics series, Book 1

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BONE-MEND AND SALT launches an adventure of conspiracy and revenge amidst the crusade against the Cathar heresy in southern Europe in 1210.

A Moorish mercenary—mutilated and left to die, harangued by his father’s ghost—seeks revenge, since justice is impossible.

A French knight, banned as a Cain, longs for respite but must use his sword to battle his betrayers.

A Catalan widow holds her own fate, until a gold-sniffing priest accuses her of heresy.

A hidden enemy traps these three in a crusade that’s run amok. Dreams of love and hope become impossible when destiny propels these three into a hazardous journey across the Languedoc, where Simon de Montfort is spreading terror to flush heretics from their lairs, shouting over the voices of the troubadours.

Bone-mend and Salt is the first book in the Accidental Heretics medieval historical fiction series, deep in the spice-and-intrigue world of southern Europe. This book includes maps and a glossary of Occitan and historical terms.
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ISBN print: 978-1939423917
475 pages; third edition, with maps and glossary 
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Bone-mend and Salt