Bone-mend and Salt – E.A. Stewart

Fight or beg for mercy when enemies turn an unjust war against you?
Accidental Heretics series, Book 1

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Heresy by intent or accident?
A Moorish mercenary—mutilated and left to die, harangued by his father’s ghost—seeks justice with a sharp dose of revenge.

A French knight banned as a Cain seeks respite, with a sword to battle his betrayers.

A Catalan widow holds her own fate—until a gold-sniffing priest accuses her of heresy.

A famous crusader teaches paratge, the honor that pumps life’s blood in the world of the troubadours—but finds treachery and murder instead.

Can these ruined crusaders battle conspiracy and disaster while trapped in a new war that has run amok?

Book 1 launches an adventure of conspiracy and revenge in 1210, amidst the Languedoc crusade against the Cathar heresy. Learn more at…

ISBN print: 978-1-939423-15-3
520 pages; second edition, with maps and glossary 
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Bone-mend and Salt - E.A. Stewart