Crux Lunata – E.A. Stewart

Down medieval alleys, across Andalusian rooftops, seeking justice, pursued by assassins
Accidental Heretics, Book 3

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Tomas, the mercenary, is sent by Pedro d’Aragon to disrupt the defense when Castile and Aragon invade Moorish Andalusia in 1212. There, some say Tomas inherited El Cid’s magical sword and demand he help his own clan. But destiny sends Tomas to meet his nemesis: a djinni.

While the armies gather, an ink-stained monk uncovers a plot by Crux Lunata, a secret order of knights. A confraternity of Occitan and Catalan knights undertake a dangerous journey to warn the king: Crux Lunata plans total destruction of Pedro and his efforts to unify the south.

The men and women of the confraternity risk their lives and their dreams to save Pedro. But will they instead burn on a heretics’ pyre? Or be flayed for spying? How to both fight and hide while Crux Lunata schemes to destroy all they love?

Crux Lunata, Book 3 in the Accidental Heretics series, young warriors from Valeros find treachery and new friendships deep in the spice-and-intrigue world of southern Europe during the Crusader era.  Learn more at… 

ISBN print: 978-1939423177
340 pages
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Crux Lunata