Nzinga Review Details

Dr. Eve Thompson, College of the Siskiyous (retired)

Nzinga, African Warrior Queen - Moses HowardMove over Irving Stone, Moses Howard has penned a novel that makes The Agony and the Ecstasy look like the work of an amateur! From the first to the last word, Nzinga, African Warrior Queen, will capture your heart, imagination, and instill within you a most profound respect for the heroine, Nzinga, her people, and her struggles with life’s adversities.

Every page of this incredibly informative narrative vibrates with rich description, mesmerizing character development, and a plot steeped in the 16th century struggle of Portugal’s battle to enslave the Angolan people.  This novel is not, however, a mere dry repetition of facts of the battle between European colonialism and African pride and independence. It is also an intimate account of Nzinga’s family life, her tender relationship with Kajubi, the warrior who fathered her child, her fiercely honest friendship with Chatemebo, childhood companion and adult ally. And it is a compelling account of Nzinga’s bravery and lifelong commitment to keeping her people free. Agony and ecstasy in real life.

Dr. Howard has breathed life into a story that will be cherished and, I predict, become an inspiration to young and old alike. I thank him for writing Nzinga, African Warrior Queen, and making me care about a woman who was both a legend and leader. My life is better because of Nzinga and Howard’s portrayal of her. I’m sure I’m but the first of a host of readers who will be forever changed by this novel.
(provided with author’s permission)