A Summer at Peach Creek – Michele Malo

A gentle, yet dramatic look at a young woman’s world in the 1930s.


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Peach Creek was worlds away from the injustice all around. Cousins should be licking ice cream cones in the summer heat, not waiting on the court house steps for the jury’s verdict. Would the accused be convicted of the shocking murder?

It is 1932 and teenaged Faith Dansworth travels from Seattle to Peach Creek, West Virginia for a visit with relatives. In the coal-rich Appalachian Mountains, the challenges of the Great Depression, mining wars, Prohibition, and segregation are all around, like the unfamiliar heat and humidity. Faith, however, is immersed in family reunions, church socials, parades, and picnics.  When a scandalous murder occurs, Faith discovers the corrupt underbelly of Logan County and the hypocrisy of certain citizens.

As summer progresses and peaches grow, Faith finds her own moral center. Family bonds are strengthened through challenges and hard lessons learned during this messy and glorious summer in Peach Creek.

This celebration of country life is based on journal entries from the author’s mother, who described a world where canning fruit and kissing boys were the norm.

Print ISBN:  978-1939423863
234 pages
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