The Grrrl of Limberlost – Annie Pearson

They say you can’t go home again — not when chaos reigns

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A murder in a Seattle coffee house. A murder on a decaying boat dock. Samsara Byron, the security expert, insists this has nothing to do with her. She’s busy fending off an attack on the world’s cyber infrastructure—if only she could get a cell signal.

After escaping exurban life on Puget Sound a decade earlier, Sam became a rockstar among anti-hacker security programmers: appearing at BlackHat conferences in vintage t-shirts and combat boots; investigating international security conspiracies with the FBI and NSA.

Now Sam is dragged home to Limberlost Island: her brother accidentally embroiled her hippie father with gun runners; the boy next door came home as prodigal son, hiding from Eastern European gangsters; a porn farmer thinks he’s in love.

Meanwhile, the local weather guru says the Arctic cold air mass headed for the Puget Sound Conversion Zone will dump record snow. Seattle is paralyzed when it snows.

The Grrrl of Limberlost follows three voices through the frenzy and terror in their daily lives, mired in family losses and betrayals, while weaponized malware threatens to ruin Christmas. The key mystery: which of them is the unreliable narrator?

This light comedy-suspense novel longs for romance, but hardly anyone has time for it. The story does contain inexplicit sex scenes and the language you’d expect from gangsters, porn-farmers, and retro Riot Grrrls.

Annie Pearson’s Rain City Incidents series explores misadventures in contemporary Seattle among people whose work drives their hearts’ desires, often in conflict with possible love affairs. When odd things happen to quirky people, can they survive the wretched comedy of romance under grey skies?

Reviewers say:
“Annie Pearson’s characters and story line in The Grrrl of Limberlost are contemporary to the mystery novel just as Dashiell Hammett’s Nick and Nora Charles were in his day. Pearson captures the ethos of people caught in the electric speed and electronic maneuvering of our times where a murder is just a click away and every double cross comes with a backup. Don’t miss this one—it’s your new world and it’s shifting under your feet as we speak.”
Don McQuinn, The Moondark Saga

ISBN print: 978-1-939423-04-7
286 pages
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The Grrrl of Limberlost