The Pirate King – Annie Pearson

World’s best cybersecurity sleuth – or postpunk math dweeb?

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Samsara Ada Byron, world’s best cybersecurity sleuth!
Or a postpunk math dweeb lost in a darknet web of deceit?

Sam has a new security forensics business. No more national security contracting! But Tony, the infamous Pirate King of the dark alleys of the Internet, begs Sam’s help to expose a conspiracy. He says rogue agents are selling national security secrets—but can you trust a pirate?

Worse, Sam is being stalked and harassed by black-hat hackers and by her old nemesis, the White Knights of the New Russian Revolution.

When threats spill off the Internet and Sam is pursued down dark streets, the only safe place seems to be inside the private enclaves of Seattle’s software elite. But what must she compromise in exchange for safety?

Not your typical mystery-thriller, The Pirate King skates off the wall and into the gritty gravel of Seattle side streets. Stay up late with Sam for soft-boiled cyberthriller suspense, caper comedy in the rain, and insights from vengeful baristas.

The Pirate King contains the kind of adult language heard from bearded tester-developers huddling at a Jay Farrar show, plus gruesome descriptions of dysfunctional dev teams.

ISBN print: 978-1-939423-41-2
288 pages
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The Pirate King