Traitor — E.A. Stewart

A mage-knight, a lost boy – and treachery…
Legends of Valerós: 2

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Orlando of Troyes, an impoverished knight stranded in Carcassonne, awaits a promised reward from Simon de Montfort, the famous conqueror in the crusade against Cathar heretics.

Instead, Orlando is fighting a masked magical knight while uncovering betrayals down every alley. Then strangers arrive, telling of a lost boy who requires a dangerous rescue. Orlando has the chance to redeem his honor and prove his value as a loyal and talented knight—if he survives.

Traitor, a standalone story, joins the series of interrelated 13th century adventure tales, Legends of Valeros.

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ISBN print: 978-1939423894
288 pages
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Traitor - Legends of Valeros Book 2