Trebuchets in the Garden – E.A. Stewart

How do you ruse up at the dawn of the Inquisition?
Accidental Heretics, Book 2

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Pursued across medieval Languedoc by an unknown adversary, three unlikely companions join forces. Tomas the mercenary persists in his quest for revenge, but slashes deep wounds in his own soul. Jean-Luc, an exiled and heartbroken knight, searches for a man whose secrets might redeem him. Isabella of Valeros is falsely condemned for heresy, but to find her son, she must seek answers among the goodwomen, the so-called heretics beset by this new crusade.

Separated, exposed, and hunted, Tomas, Isabella, and Jean-Luc must find their relentless enemy before he destroys them—and their families. Meanwhile, Simon de Montfort’s army terrorizes southern Europe, flushing heretics from the hills, shouting over the voices of the troubadours.

Trebuchets in the Garden, Book 2 in the Accidental Heretics series, continues the adventure from Book 1, Bone-mend and Salt, where Tomas, Isabella, and Jean-Luc are entrapped in the Languedoc crusade, while Simon de Montfort prepares to ignite the next heretics’ pyre in the summer of 1210. This revised third edition includes maps and a glossary of Occitan and historical terms.
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ISBN print: 978-1939423924, third edition
458 pages
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Trebuchets in the Garden