Trebuchets in the Garden – E.A. Stewart

How do you prepare for the dawn of the Inquisition?
Accidental Heretics, Book 2

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Can three seekers gain justice and respite amidst terror, siege, and conspiracy?
A mercenary kills an enemy for revenge, but his soul suffers mortal wounds.
A banished knight fights for honor in a siege city that’s dying of thirst.
A lonely widow writes letters for dying rebels, while enemies condemn her for heresy.

Summer 1210: Simon de Montfort spreads terror to flush heretics from their lairs, shouting over the voices of the troubadours. Pedro of Aragón cannot persuade him to temper justice with mercy.

Trebuchets in the Garden, Book 2 in the Accidental Heretics series, continues the adventure that began in Book 1, Bone-mend and Salt. Tomás, Isabella, and Jean-Luc are entrapped in the Languedoc crusade—as Simon de Montfort prepares to ignite the next heretics’ pyre.
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ISBN print: 978-1-939423-03-0
437 pages
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Trebuchets in the Garden - E.A. Stewart