Wheel and Serpent – E.A. Stewart

When the Languedoc world falls into total chaos…
Legends of Valerós: 1

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To earn a place as a knight, Taresa of Valeros must get a message from Pedro of Aragón to the king of France. But crossing the Languedoc proves treacherous—and then Taresa and her companions are hunted as rebels after a murder at a Templar house.

In times of madness, some strive for power and others run for shelter. A few do whatever it takes to save the innocent. Amid the chaos and cruelty of the Cathar crusade, Taresa is armed with wit, loyalty, and her lover’s third-best sword. Is that enough to save her?

In Book 1 of the Legends of Valeros series, Taresa fights for life on her own terms, in the face of a military and cultural invasion that seeks to destroy the Languedoc way of life.

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ISBN print: 978-1939423887
270 pages
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